Screen Printing

Although I come from a very creative family I was always praised more for my writing than for any dodgy pictures or paintings I produced. I was labelled the “academic” one & so steered away from “art” classes. I was obviously crap. I used to look longingly at the art students in 6th form using … Continue reading Screen Printing

Public Speaking

“Are you SURE you’re going to be alright Mum?”, “Yes, why?”, “I just REALLY don’t want you to muck up”, “Right, why?”, “Because that would REALLY embarrass me”, “Right”. “It’s just, are you SURE you’re not trying TOO hard?”, “Erm”, “Why don’t you just do a Power Point quiz”, “Well, I could……”, “That’s what Charlottes … Continue reading Public Speaking

The first one

So, the first opportunity to step out of my comfort zone actually came a few days before New Years Eve, on Christmas Day. My gift from my little sister was for us both to attend 4 belly dancing classes starting on the 17th Jan. I do have some dance experience but that ended a LONG … Continue reading The first one