A New Year resolution

9 thoughts on “A New Year resolution”

  1. well young Emily i can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for you. Maybe you should start light, e.g a Hollywood (wax) to get your blood bumping and your eyes streaming! Can’t wait to read more about what you are up to. May even make me venture out of my little bubble too. xxxxxx

  2. Oh oui ? How come you are 35?
    Nobody told me! Last time we met, you were, what, 26?
    I remember you had grown by more than 15cm. How tall are you now? 2m10 at least?

    Also blogging is very 2005.
    And “New Year” on Feb 11th…

    I think your main problem is that you are lost in time.

    PS: Needless to say, this proves blogging is a congenital disease

  3. Good. Comfortable is the enemy of man (and woman).
    A ‘friend’ of mine, when I asked him what he was doing during the holidays said “heroin” and, for a week, he did that, pretty much exclusively. He liked the idea of being a tourist, trying new things. Unwittingly he was part of that school of thought (which included Foucault) that believes you never really know your*self* until you’ve pushed yourself to some physical limit, because our bodies are not cut off from our consciousness but form part of it. “Edge experiences” I think they’re called. Foucault practiced sado masochism. I think I’m suggesting you do more extreme stuff, because I think it’d be a far more interesting blog if you did. Let me know if you find any dungeons, as I can often get a pass on the 2nd Thurs night in the month.

    1. James, interesting comment but I think you’re missing my point. I’m not doing this to create an “interesting blog”, it’s not for the benefit of anyone else. The trick here is for me to push my boundaries without rocking the boat too far. When you achieve a “comfortable” life it’s so easy to stay there out of fear of change. I love my comfortable life but I’d be pissed off if I got to 90 “safely”, I’d be equally pissed off if I pushed myself too far & ended up a nervous dribbling wreck (possible). This year is the year I “dip” my toe, test the water. Maybe 2012 is the year I REALLY go for it & in turn produce the more “interesting” blog you’re looking for. In the meantime why not subscribe to dirty-boots.com 😉 xxx

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