Public Speaking

5 thoughts on “Public Speaking”

  1. I regularly speak in public and thought id got over the nerves thing years ago…then recently had to do a presentation to 300 Scottish surveyors and turned to jelly….sweating, shaking very weird! I went all ‘out of body’ with it floated off looked at myself saw how stupid i was looking then floated back into myself and carried on felling stupid…

    Mind you – I had drink too much the night before.

    Well done with yours!

    PS more belly dancing please.

  2. well done Em, that is bullsy especially with children, very proud! You even do the public speaking hands thing to, very professional !!!!!

  3. i wish i could’ve been there. very cool. i love speaking, but have to say… u were very brave speaking to a bunch of 7yr olds. lol! its an amazing feeling though, when u have the attention of everyone on you. nothing like it.

    tee hugs x

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