#1 Dinesh Dave

3 thoughts on “#1 Dinesh Dave”

  1. Ok, first I LOVE the Library Catalog furniture (whatever you call it)!!! Where did you get it? Second, I LOVE this story and I too, LOVE Dinesh Dave! Good for him!!!! This is so inspiring and gives me hope!! You must read the book The War of Art. It speaks directly to what you are faced with when perusing your dreams, its a MUST READ!!
    I want my children to realize and actualize their dreams as well. I always try to plant those seeds with them at this age too, its a different way of thinking. However, I too want to actualize my dream of being a published novelist! So when I feel low and that my dreams are out of reach I will sort through the files of success stories I have saved in my mind and use them for inspiration. Danesh Dave will stand proudly beside those stories!! Thank you!!!

  2. I think one of the hardest things is to allow yourself to believe that your dream “thing” – the activity or passion that inspires you – could actually be a job, something you could do every day and get paid for. We expend so much energy selecting careers and planning strategies for “proper” jobs because we can’t quite believe in the stuff we love to do as a way of life. There is a lovely bit in the film One Chance (biopic of Paul Potts, past winner of BGT)when Mackenzie Crook’s character tells James Corden’s that he MUST follow his dream to become an opera singer because at least he knows what his “thing” is and that most people spend their lives trying to find out what their “thing” is.
    So I guess the implication is …first find your thing and then believe in it.

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