We Went On A Trip

8 thoughts on “We Went On A Trip”

  1. oh Emily, I absolutely adore this! Beautifully written and so full of love and happiness. It makes me excited for future adventures we have planned and excited about family and life and being together. Big love to all of you xxxxx

  2. Emily, I traveled with you through this amazing story. Thanks for sharing with us, with me. I’m really impressed and inspired by you guys !

  3. « We gave Eldest the over-cab bed to himself. A strategic move that gave him his own personal space with curtains where he could (…) pass wind (…). » As I remember Eldest’s uncle, and as you don’t fight against genes, these nights must have been somewhat noisy / smelly.
    And then you say « Eldest sits closer to me at the dinner table. » How consistent is this? Please explain.
    Or not.

    1. Hey Francois, we’ve been back 2 weeks and Eldest is still reaching for my hand and seems more inclined to be with us, to sit closer to us, to spend more time with us. I’m taking it while it lasts 😉

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